We LOVE moving around and meeting fellow geeks! We tend to take part in various gaming events and nerd conventions throughout the year, be it a tiny gathering of like-minded tabletop gamers or a huge Comic-Conesque geekzilla of a Con.

Want to meet us in person and have a looksie at our tees? Here's the list of our upcoming events, as planned for 2022:

- May 20-22 - Baltic Comic Con, Vilnius, LT
- June 10-12 - Tolkien Tage, Geldern, DE
- June 17-19 - Pyrkon, Poznań, PL
- August 4-7 - Castlefest, Lisse, NL
- August 28-30 - Dni Fantastyki, Wrocław, PL
- September 16-18 - Copernicon, Toruń, PL
- October 6-9 - Spiel, Essen, DE