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A Cthulhu mythos inspired t-shirt, designed and screen printed by two geeky friends in a home-based workshop. Release your inner cultist and perform the ritual! The great Cthulhu demands your service and will repay you generously with treasures of knowledge beyond the understanding of any sane mortal!

The light is waning, the nights grow longer and the cold winds run through your flesh, chilling both heart and bone. Luckily we have something that will keep you warm during this season of darkness. Emblazoned with our best-selling Cthulhu design, this hand-sewn hoodie will see you safe and sound all the way to the Spring (or until the stars are finally right).

This awesome jumper was made by hand by a friend of ours, then printed by hand, using environment-friendly inks and a self-made printing screen. The print has been cured in a heat-press machine, for a smooth and matte finish.

The stock is limited! Only a couple of each size! You may think we're lazy hamsters, but printing on a hoodie is really difficult and time-consuming. 

But yeah, we're lazy hamsters 8). 

Men's custom-made Hoodie
Zipped side pockets
90% cotton 10% polyester
310 g/m2
Colour: Dark Grey
Sizes: S-XXL (size chart can be found in the gallery section)

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